How to help

Do you want to help The Ocean Movement to move people and organizations to deal with plastic in a different way? Great! Together with you and all the other Movement Makers, we can create a world in which no more plastic ends up in our beautiful seas and oceans.

We are super happy with new Movement Makers like you but we know that deciding what to do exactly, can be challenging. That’s why we make it easier. Check out the tips below to contribute to a plastic-free piece of ocean!

You don’t have a lot of time, but do you want to do your bit? Then maybe you would like the following:

  • Newsletter: Subscribe to our newsletter. This way you stay informed about all relevant developments and you will be the first to know when our next expeditions are planned.
  • Donate! Even if it’s just the coffee you skip once a month and donate to us. All donations are welcome!
  • Donation pot: If you work in a shop, café or restaurant and you think that our donation pot fits well with your customers, we are happy to provide a donation pot to place in the store.
  • Join the community on socials: we need more people like you! Join our online community on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and invite all your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, fellow students and neighbors.
  • Shop and support us: did you know that while you shop you can already support us? Yes, really! Use the link below for your next online purchase and a percentage of the purchase amount will go to us. You don’t pay anything extra; it’s the store that offers a bit of its margin. Store this link as a bookmark so you don’t forget and share it with friends and family!  Doelshop
  • Raising money: choose The Ocean Movement for example as a charity for your local end-of-year promotion, sponsor run or sporting event.
  • Volunteering: we are growing incredibly fast and are still looking for volunteers with a passion for the ocean (and you have one, otherwise you won’t read this now). At this moment we are still looking for volunteers who can find their way in graphic design and tax and legal matters. Do you think you have the skills we need? Please send an email to Fabienne Doveren at [email protected]



Do you not only want to become an Movement Maker yourself but instead create an entire army of Movement Makers? Then you can do the following:

  • Become a partner with your company: you can connect your company to our foundation through an annual contribution. We help you achieve your CSR goals. Please contact Dominique for the possibilities ([email protected]).
  • Your own sailing expedition: take your friends and family on an expedition! We organize day trips starting from 25 people. The perfect opportunity for you to become sailor and plastic researcher for one day!
  • Company expedition: if you want to make a sustainable impact with your next company outing, then we can also organize a day trip for your company.
  • Lecture / panel discussion: do you want to educate your company, customers or family and friends about the problem of the plastic soup and the possible solutions? Then you can have a lecture or panel discussion with one of our plastic experts organized by us at your office, museum, café or any other location you like.
  • Documentary screening: you can also have our documentary, An Ocean Story, screened with a Q&A with one of our marine biologists afterwards. A super fun and accessible way to make people around you more aware.

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