Hear and learn about one of the greatest environmental issues of our time

Stories that connect, engage, entertain, educate and opens eyes. We tell the story of one of the greatest environmental issue of our time and show you what we can do about it.


Possible topics

  • The history of plastic and the plastic life-cycle
  • Overview of plastic-soup worldwide
  • How can we move the industry or local politics?
  • What can you do in your daily life?
  • What are the effects on the environment?

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Do you want to know more about plastic pollution, microplastic, research, our foundation, our expeditions, or what is driving us? Let us know! We will ask one of our experts for an informative and inspiring lecture on plastic pollution. We organize lectures in Dutch or English, for any audience, from primary schools to multinationals. We always aim to make the presentations as interactive as possible. We believe that we should solve this problem together which could start at one of our lectures.

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Why it matters

Stories connect, engage, entertain, scare and teach.

Why it matters

Hear what they said

Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta

”We were left behind, shocked by the consequences of the huge problem that plastic pollution has become, but at the same time with a feeling of wanting to do even more...”

Wim Keereman, Int. School of Stavanger

”Our students were very inspired by the visit of By the Ocean we Unite, leading to a record-breaking annual beach cleanup and different plastic projects being initialized at our school."

Nikie Lammers, Brand Manager, Iglo

"It was really impactful hearing the stories of plastic pollution and visually see how much plastic was caught. This highly raised the awareness of the plastic consumption in the team!"

Meet our


What people say

“Our oceans, like the rest of our environment, is crucial for life. Marine life is just the tip of the iceberg. Whole ecosystems are being affected by our shocking behaviour and I believe education and engaging in those environments is the way forward. It was such a great experience both educationally and as a relaxing holiday with purpose and believe that BTOWU has really hit the nail on the head with what they are doing. Here’s to international relations in helping build a much needed community around the topic.”

Kiko Mathews

Kiko Matthews

Fastest female to row solo unsupported across the Atlantic

“It cannot be true that our use of unnecessary plastics comes so naturally, in and around our products. Why does a cucumber wrapped in plastic, cost more than one that isn’t? Why do mangoes need 2 layers of plastics when presented in the supermarkets; 1 harder plastic cup, and a cellophane wrapping? And even if that would be because of the ripening process, couldn’t supermarkets unwrap them for us? Why are we the ones who have to take off the rubbish? There has to be a way in which we can reduce our plastic use earlier in the process. If we could, we would save earth in so many ways. Until that day is near we need people like the volunteers of By the Ocean we Unite! This amazing group of people is needed to spread awareness about plastic pollution, and the need to reduce our plastic use. They feel the same way I do: let’s all keep our trash to a minimum!”


Eddy Zoëy

Musician, television- and radiomaker

“We have created an enormous plastic soup in three oceans and we have over-fished many species of fish. I support the mission of By the Ocean we Unite: preventing plastic pollution. Together we strive for a future with healthy oceans on an earth worth living in.”

Jan Terlouw

Jan Terlouw

Writer, environmentalist, former politician

“Sailing with the team of By the Ocean we Unite on their first expedition my eyes were opened to worldwide plastic pollution. My first contribution: nowadays in our radio studio we drink everything from paper mugs, instead of plastic. We can’t live without coffee at the radio, but we sure can without plastic. I support this great team in their battle against plastic pollution!”

Anoul Hendriks

Anoûl Hendriks

Radio DJ at SLAM!

“Plastic is killing our oceans. If we don’t take action it will have a huge negative impact on all life on our planet! Do something about it, a great begin is to start looking at your own behavior regarding the usage of plastic…”


Bouwe Bekking

Professional Sailor, 8X participant Volvo Ocean Race, captain of team Brunel

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