ANBI / charitable status

ANBI status (charitable status)

In March 2017, the Dutch Tax Office recognized that we are a Public Benefit Organization of Charitable Organization (Dutch: ANBI) from our date of incorporation. This means you can deduct your donations to bank account NL24TRIO0391178296 of Stichting The Ocean Movement (formerly known as Stichting By the Ocean we Unite) in the income tax return if you meet the conditions of the tax authorities. Please read more on their website.

Registration number charitable status (RSIN): 856430122


The foundation By the Ocean we Unite has been established by notarial deed June 6, 2016 and changed its name to The Ocean Movement on the May 20, 2021. The foundation is registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 66180732.


The address of the Foundation is Jollenpad 14, 1081 KC Amsterdam. This is our office/clubhouse at the beautiful Nieuwe Meer near Het Amsterdamse Bos. To visit you can make an appointment via email, [email protected].


The deed under Article 2 describes the aim of the foundation as follows:

The Foundation sight aims: to involve the society in investigations (and providing information) to global problems such as environmental pollution and other social interests mapping. This with the aim to create visibility and awareness and to motivate society to engage in world improvement initiatives at their own, and in the broadest sense of the word.

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by:

  • Organizing (sailing) expeditions worldwide
  • Organizing events (worldwide);
  • The creation of a fund for participants to invest / donate in projects, charities, human / animal / environment (worldwide);
  • The setting up of scientific studies on human / animal / environment in collaboration with institutes and researchers;
  • In collaboration with filmmakers during expeditions producing several documentaries;
  • The organizing of lectures, information sessions and the like, and
  • Sales of merchandise.


The current policy of the foundation covers those activities which contribute to doing research and awareness of plastic pollution.

This is conducted in the following activities:

  • The organization (sailing) expeditions to gather material for scientific research on the pollution of the oceans with plastic;
  • Providing information through lectures, one or more-day educational sailing trips and business days for the awareness and activation on the problem of plastic pollution.


The current composition of the board is:

  1. Chairman/Director: Maarten Erich

The current composition of the Supervisory board (Raad van Toezicht)

  1. Chairmen: Ewoud Goudswaard
  2. Second: Alberto de Kroon
  3. Third: Nella van Braam


Board members may receive reimbursement of expenses on a basis by submitting proper documents.

The board shall perform tasks that take on selected days of the week. For this a reward will apply determined through approval of the Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht).

Others within the foundation may receive a reward according to effort and time put into the organization which will be determined after approval by the Board (Director).

Volunteers receive, to prior approval of the Board, remuneration for expenses incurred on a reimbursement basis by submitting proper documents.

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