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The Ocean Movement and ZustainaBox join forces with “Box”

Plastic, plastic, plastic. Home, garden and kitchen products are full of it. And by now, our oceans are too. Bad for nature, animals and in the end, also for our health. The Ocean Movement and ZustainaBox are not just standing by. With a real Expedition Box we contribute to a world with less plastic waste.

Fed up with plastic pollution

Brace yourself. Every hour, as many as 11 Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with plastic ends up in our seas. That this level of plastic pollution is a problem is an understatement. (Micro)plastics are everywhere: from toothpaste tubes to cotton buds, from disposable bottles to cleaning pads. And although we all now we have to change the way we deal with plastic to save our planet, taking a first step is not always that easy. Because where do you start in your daily life? And does that little bit really make sense?

Living with less plastics

The Ocean Movement and Zustainabox join forces to make it easier for consumers, businesses and governments to say ‘no’ to microplastics. Their limited-edition Expedition Box is ‘small in size, big in impact. This box is filled with plastic-free products: drinking bottle, toothbrush, sunscreen, toothpaste, straws, soap and plastic-free chewing gum. All items that you need for a perfect at the beach, a weekend getaway or an expedition of The Ocean Movement. The entire earnings of the box will be donated to the foundation so that they can continue to increase their impact to stop plastic pollution.

Maarten Erich, plastic expert at The Ocean Movement ”We are all part of the problem but therefore all of us are also part of the solution. Together with Zustainabox, we hope to make it easier to deal with the plastic problem and make doing the right thing easier and more fun with the Expedition Box.”

Manon van Leeuwen, founder ZustainaBox: ”With our boxes we show that consuming differently is better and more fun. For your body, the earth and the sea. Proud of all the eco heroes in the Expedition Box who make it possible to support The Ocean Movement in their fight against plastic pollution!”

The ExpeditieBox is available from 29,95 via the zustainabox shop

For sale from €29,95

Buy at The Zustainabox shop

All you need for a beach day

Buy at The Zustainabox shop

All earnings to our Movement!

Buy at The Zustainabox shop

Discover the ZustainaBox!

We are very happy with our new partner and their ZustainaBox! Read more about their cool offering!

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