Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 / The Netherlands

Yes We can!-campaign

Annelore van der Lint

Communication/content manager

About 2 billion cans go over the counter every year. 150 million of them disappear into the environment. That's about 25 full Olympic pools...

Decision for deposit on cans accelerated

Yes We Can!

A 15 eurocents deposit on cans with soda, water or beer will be introduced per 31 december 2022. Early February 2021, Staatssecretaris Van Veldhoven reported to the House of Representatives that she has taken that decision, because the number of discarded cans in the environment has only increased recently, when the intention was that there would be fewer stray cans.

The government had already announced the possibility to put deposit on cans. Producers could still avert the measure if they could ensured that the number of cans in the environment would fall by 70 percent compared to the 2016/2017 average. Instead, the number of cans has increased by 27 percent.

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Deposit on cans? Yes We Can! With this enthusiastic slogan, 140 municipalities, companies and organizations in November 2020 launched the new campaign of the Statiegeld Alliantie (Deposit Alliance) for a quick decision for deposits on cans. And of course By the Ocean we Unite as a partner of the Statiegeld Allianctie has participated in this positive campaign.

The optimistic campaign started simultaneously in the Netherlands and Belgium and was joined by 55 Dutch municipalities and 10 Belgian municipalities. Among the participants were the municipality of Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Maastricht and Venlo. Also companies such as ASN Bank, Cleaning Service Waardlanden, Triodos bank and Ekoplaza. And organizations such as LTO Nederland, the Consumentenbond, Natuur & Milieu and Wereld Natuur Fonds.


November 2020


The Netherlands and Belgium

Event details:

The campaign started in November 2020 and was concluded early Feb. 2021 with the decision to put deposit on cans by 31 December 2022

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