May 2024, Waddenzee

Our expeditions

De Store Baelt

Annelore van der Lint

Communication/content manager

"Scientific articles alone are not enough. Taking people out to sea and showing them how bad things are is much more important. Only then will it really realize the magnitude of the challenge.

Our expeditions

Expeditions against plastic pollution: uniting for a cleaner future

Join our expeditions as we tackle the challenge of plastic pollution head-on! Equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and inspiration, we can all play a vital role in the solution. By immersing ourselves in the issue firsthand on the water, we can engage in meaningful discussions about perspectives and solutions, paving the way towards a future free from plastic pollution. With a positive mindset and an active approach, together we can make a tangible difference and change the world!

Manta Trawl
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Connect to the sea

Experience the ultimate connection aboard a sailing boat. Feel the wind caress your skin, the rhythm of the waves beneath you, and the vast expanse of the sea surrounding you. This intimate interaction with water, one of the few remaining wilderness areas on our planet, will ignate a profound urge to safeguard our precious resources.


Onboard, the connection extends beyond nature to each other. Collaborating to propel the ship forward and conduct research, we forge bonds essential for catalyzing change.

Join us on one of our expeditions and immerse yourself in this transformative journey!


27 April 2024 - 31 December 2024


The Netherlands / Waddenzee

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