July - Aug 2024, North West Europe

European Exchange Expeditions

European Exchange Expedition with Erasmus+

Sustainability and sailing are closely related. As we navigate our beautiful oceans, we can’t help but notice the growing plastic pollution alongside the wonderful wildlife that we must protect.

Join our sustainable cultural exchange on historic sailing ships

As we traverse our beautiful oceans, we can’t ignore the increasing plastic pollution amid the magnificent wildlife that we need to protect. To address this, The Ocean Movement partners with an outstanding organization that organizes sailing expeditions for the next generation. Join us and become part of the Clean Circle Navigator, conducting plastic research at sea with our marine biologists. You’ll fish for microplastics using a special manta trawl and analyze the samples.

International group

As part of an international group, you will be part of something greater than yourself. Organize and participate in local activities such as beach cleanups, awareness campaigns, and visits to places with good environmental practices. Spread the message by any means you can think of, bringing your lessons back home and sharing them widely. Become a confident leader and help combat climate change and human impact step by step. Be an inspiration to your family, colleagues, and friends.


8 July - 02 August 2024 - multiple expeditions


Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, France and Ireland

Booking info:

Are you interested in one of these expeditions? Check out the Windseeker website for more information and bookings.

  • 8 – 19 July ’24: Skonaren Ingo – Gothenburg (SE)
  • 8 – 19 July ’24: Skibladner II – Copenhagen – Copenhagen (DK)
  • 8 – 19 July ’24: Skibladner II – Copenhagen – Middelfart (DK)
  • 19-31 July ’24: Gulden Leeuw – Brest (FR) – Esbejerg (DK) – Langesund (NO)
  • 19 -31 July ’24: Thalassa – Brest (FR) – Dublin (IE)
  • 21 July – 2 Aug ’24: Morgenster – Antwerp (BE) – Arendal (NO) – Kiel (DE)



You will join and organize:

  • Clean ups.
  • Involve locals with what you learned and have been doing.
  • Contact local organisations and policymakers.

You will:

  • Learn how to sail a sailing ship together with other expedition members.
  • Learn more about plastic pollution.
  • Discus best practices of plastic pollution and sustainability.
  • Take samples for microplastic research.
  • Analyze the samples on board.
  • Do workshops on how to reduce your plastic footprint.
  • Learn to navigate the ship.
  • Climb the mast.


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