Spring and Summer 2024, Wadden Sea

One Day Plastic Expeditions


One day expeditions against plastic pollution

“Scientific articles alone are not enough. Taking people out to sea and showing them firsthand how bad things has much more impact. Only then will they truly realize the magnitude of the challenge.”

Workshop on plastic cleanup in the Wadden Sea

Uniting for a cleaner future

Join our expeditions as we tackle the challenge of plastic pollution head-on. Equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and inspiration, we can all play a vital role in the solution. By immersing ourselves in the issue firsthand on the water, we can engage in meaningful discussions about perspectives and solutions, paving the way towards a future free from plastic pollution. With a positive mindset and an active approach, together we can make a tangible difference and change the world.

Workshop on plastic cleanup in the Wadden Sea

Step aboard our workshop and contribute to a cleaner Wadden Sea. During this one-day workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to actively participate in cleaning up plastic waste in the Wadden Sea. Using a trawl net, you’ll help remove plastic debris from the water while sailing on our ship, the ‘Lauwerszee’.

Ready for boarding

You will be welcomed on our authentic sailing ship by skipper Aart Puper and his experienced sailor. They will guide you in hoisting the sails and steering the ship. No sailing experience is required; our crew is ready to explain everything as you hoist the sails and navigate the ship together. The workshop is organized by the scientists of The Ocean Movement.

Sailing and cleanup

In the morning, you will be warmly welcomed aboard with coffee, tea, and Frisian sugar bread. Skipper Aart will inform you about the safety measures on board, and our sailor will teach you the basics of sailing. After leaving the harbor of Harlingen, the engine will be turned off, and you will experience the silence and tranquility of the Wadden Sea.

Scientists from The Ocean Movement will provide extensive information about the problem of plastic pollution. They will also explain what the Mantra Trawl is and how it is used to remove plastic from the Wadden Sea. Of course, you can ask them and the crew any questions you may have.

Enjoy relaxation and sailing while we serve a delicious lunch on board. Those who wish can even actively help with the sailing or take over the helm.

We will end the day with a group photo and share experiences with your fellow participants. Sign up today for this amazing experience and contribute to a cleaner Wadden Sea!

Main goals

  • Actively contribute to cleaner oceans
  • Learn about cleaning up plast waste
  • Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Wadden Sea
  • Meet new people and share experiences


Spring and Summer 2024


Harlingen & The Wadden Sea

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Manta Trawl
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We set sail on the Clipper Lauwerszee with captain Aart Puper from Harlingen Harbour to explore the Wadden Sea. This trip is organized with our partner Holland Sail. For more information and booking please visit their site:

A lot of sailing, research, learning by doing and fun!

  • hoisting the sails
  • navigate together with the crew
  • actively participate in all ship maneuvers
  • Standing at the helm
  • scientific research with the Manta Trawl
  • and especially learn a lot about plastic pollution in the sea

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