Think about the packaging

Day to day

You too can use less plastic

Think about the packaging

It’s not only easy, it’s also fun and rewarding using less (single-use) plastics and preventing plastic from ending up in our oceans. Check out these tips and feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions!

Glass is better

Glass is much easier to recycle than a tetra package.

Big is better

Buying stuff in larger quantities reduces plastic packaging.

Wrapping plastic

When you order online, tell the provider you don't want unnecessary plastic packaging in your box.

You too can use less plastics

Conscious handling of plastic starts at your home and the choices you make in the store. The choice for packaging for example. Glass for example, is much easier to recycle than a tetra package. Think about that the next time you go shopping.

Often products that are not packed are the healthiest. Think of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket or at the market. You are however, expected to put those loose apples and carrots in a plastic bag. Therefore, bring your own cotton bag to put fruit and vegetables in.

Big is better

What also helps in reducing (plastic) packaging is buying stuff in larger quantities. Things like rice, dried pasta, beans and other things you can keep longer, you can buy in larger bags on the market. In any case, do not buy mini packs.

Wrapping plastic

If you order something online, you can send an email to or call the provider to tell them that you don’t want unnecessary plastic packaging in your box. And believe us, we know from our own experience that it works.

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