12-18 august - Harlingen - Waddenzee - Harlingen

Plastic-soup expedition on Johanna Engelina (age 12-14)

Plastic-soup expeditions (age 12-14)

Sail with the historic Johanna Engelina and be both sailor and plastic soup scientist for one week.

Plastic-soup expeditions (in Dutch)

Adventurous and unique sailing expeditions on UNESCO World Heritage site De Waddenzee! Learn all about sailing and plastic pollution, while being out on the water. With this unique collaboration with Windseeker and the Johanna Engelina we organize an amazing trip on the Wadden Sea for a diverse group between the age of 12-14. Our professional crew will make sure you will have an amazing week.

You will learn by doing!


  • Departure (12 aug. 10:00) and arival (18 aug. 17:00) Harlingen
  • Language: Dutch
  • Sailing on the historic Johanna Engelina;
  • Healthy and tasty food:
  • Discovering yourself
  • A lot of sailing
  • Full plastic program:
    • plastic quiz;
    • plastic and nature lectures;
    • Citizen science research on (micro)plastic;
    • plastic solutions-session.

More questions about the trip: [email protected]

More questions about science or plastic: [email protected]

More info on the website of Windseeker. 



12-18 august 2023


Harlingen & The Wadden Sea

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more questions about the trip: [email protected]

more questions about science or plastic: [email protected]



Discover historic places with new friends.

A lot of sailing, research, learning by doing and fun!


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