Wadden Sea, North Sea, Markermeer, Ijsselmeer, or Het IJ

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Being confronted with the plastic pollution that threatens our oceans while enjoying the beauty of the sea, made an unforgettable impression. This experience makes you want to act.

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With our expeditions we show our expeditionmembers the beauty of the waters and at the same time confront them through (citizen) scientific research directly with the plastic waste that threatens them.

A sailing boat is the perfect place to work together, encounter true nature, and experience a beautiful adventure. This provides the perfect circumstances for an important ecological message about plastic pollution.  Additionally, you are helping us to spread our message and add to our research!

Are you organizing a sailing trip and do you want to increase the positive impact of your sailing journey? Add a plastic-component to your on board program. Out at sea is where blurred minds are cleared and hearts start pounding faster with excitement over our beautiful planet. And the need to preserve it.

Experienced crew

Our dedicated marine biologists and expedition leaders have years of experience leading research programs and expeditions on board a variety of sailing ships. Our team with strong communication skills are professionals and able to serve any audience.

Don’t wait – the time to tackle the plastic problem is now!

Sailing our seas and looking for a valuable and life-changing addition to your on board program? Let us train your crew for lasting impact on your journeys!

We will sail again as soon as possible! 

You can help us with that and  organise a group of friends or collegues. 


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Wadden Sea, North Sea, Markermeer, Ijsselmeer, Het IJ, or any other suggestion

Booking info:

These sailing expeditions have a interesting citizen science plastic program and can be tailor-made to your wishes. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

These expeditions can last one day but we suggest organizing an expedition for multiple day to optimaly benifit from our program and reach the biggest impact.


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This sailing expedition will be tailored to your wishes. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

For example:

  • Beach or city cleanup
  • visit sustainable initiatives on land
  • A citizen science beach survey
  • Enjoy some time on the beach, mudflats or local city
  • Enjoying wildlife and nature

This sailing expedition will be tailored to your wishes. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

For example:

  • Microplastic citizen science research with our Manta trawl
  • Interactive quiz about the plastic problem
    • History of plastic pollution
    • Current situation
    • Impact on the ecosystem
    • Impact on Humans
    • Lattest science facts
  • Our interactive “What can we do” Sessions
  • Workshop in make your own healthcare and cosmetics product
  • Guided discussion about sharing best practices
  • Group activities to boost the moral!
  • Enjoying wildlife and nature


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