Waddenzee (Spring 2022)

Plastic-soup expeditions

De Store Baelt

Plastic-soup expeditions

Sail with the historic Store-Baelt and be both sailor and plastic soup scientist for one day.

Plastic-soup expeditions (in Dutch and English)

Adventurous and unique sailing expeditions on UNESCO World Heritage site De Waddenzee! Learn all about sailing and plastic pollution, while being out on the water. Our professional crew will make sure you will have an amazing day. You will be sailing on the historic Store Baelt.


  • Sailing on the historic Store Baelt;
  • Healthy and tastfull lunch, coffee, tea, juice, water and snacks during the day:
  • Full plastic program (in Dutch on 26/6 and in English on 27/6):
    • plastic quiz;
    • plastic lecture;
    • scientif research into (micro)plastic;
    • plastic solutions-session.

Fully COVID-19 proof!



Spring 2022


The Wadden Sea (North of Holland)

Booking info:

[email protected]



You’ll arrive early in the harbor of Harlingen. Here the crew of TOM will welcome you aboard the historic Store-Baelt.

Additionally, we always love to do a beach(or harbor)-clean-up to leave the place a little nicer than when we arrive.

9.00 Arrival and registration

9.45 Introduction by the TOM team

10.00 Plastic Quiz

10.15 Introduction by the participants

10.30 Enjoying the sail trip (with coffee, tea and something sweet of course)

12.30 “Plastic Presentation”

12.50 Lunch

13.50 Research

15.00 Filtering the samples

15.30 Solutions session

16.30 Sailing and enjoying the good life (with a drink and snack of course)

18.00 Arrival back in the harbor


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